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Fabric Manufacturers and Suppliers in India
About Mukesh Furnishings

Company Overview

At Mukesh Furnishings Pvt Ltd, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of top-quality textiles, dedicated to enhancing lifestyles through our exceptional products and services. With over 25 years of industry experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted name synonymous with excellence, innovation, and reliability. We offer over 50 + product categories, and our fabrics find applications in various sectors that elevate your everyday experiences, including:

Our Infrastructure

Nestled in the heart of Panipat, renowned as India’s textile city, Mukesh Furnishings operates multiple units that enable us to achieve vertical integration in our production process. From sourcing the finest yarn to converting it into exquisite fabrics, our state-of-the-art machinery and skilled labor ensure unparalleled quality at every step.

Our Services



Our facilities boast state-of-the-art machinery for circular and warp knitting, allowing us to create fabrics of superior quality and durability.



Equipped with the latest machinery, we offer advanced dyeing services to achieve vibrant and long-lasting colors in our fabrics.



Our printing capabilities include a variety of techniques such as Rotary, Flatbed, Digital, and Gravure Printing, enabling us to bring your designs to life with precision and clarity.

Processing and Finishing

Processing and Finishing

With expertise in various processing and finishing techniques such as raising, laminating, and more, we ensure that every fabric is meticulously crafted to perfection, meeting the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

Experience the Mukesh Furnishings Difference

We create comfort and quality that elevate your lifestyle.

Whether you’re in search of premium home textiles, fashion fabrics, or customized solutions, Mukesh Furnishings is your trusted partner for quality, craftsmanship, and style. Explore our extensive range of products and experience the Mukesh Furnishings difference today.
Fabric Manufacturers in India
Fabric Manufacturing Company in India

Manufacturing Facility

Mukesh Furnishings stands as a global frontrunner in home furnishings, renowned for its meticulous production process and diverse product offerings. Committed to unwavering standards of quality, sustainability, and innovation, each product reflects a dedication to excellence. From the careful selection of materials to eco-friendly sourcing practices, we prioritize sustainability. Our commitment to innovation is evident in cutting-edge designs and the integration of the latest technologies. Moreover, our diverse and stylish product range caters to discerning tastes, establishing us as the epitome of excellence in the dynamic home furnishing industry.

Our process

Fabric Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Quality Assurance

In 2018, we further solidified our commitment to quality by registering our trademark, Q+ Plus Gold. This trademark symbolizes our unwavering dedication to delivering premium products that exceed customer expectations. With Q+ Plus Gold, customers can trust that they are investing in textiles of the highest caliber, crafted with precision and care.

Sustainable Approach

At Mukesh Furnishings, we are deeply committed to social and environmental responsibility. Our operations adhere to strict ethical standards, ensuring that every product we produce is socially and environmentally ethical. We are proud to be associated with Solidaridad, an NGO backed by the Government of Netherlands and Government of India, dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in the textile industry.

Fabric Manufacturers and Suppliers in India
Fabric Manufacturing Company in India

Our Leadership

Established in 1997 by Shri Chunni Lal Narang, Mukesh Furnishings Pvt Ltd began as a trading business of various textile items. Under his visionary leadership, the company later diversified into manufacturing, driven by a commitment to excellence and innovation.

Today, Mukesh Furnishings is led by a dynamic team comprising Mr. Mukesh Narang, Mr. Rishabh Narang, and Mr. Raman Narang. With diverse skill sets and a shared passion for textiles, each leader brings unique expertise to the table, contributing to the company’s success.

Meet Our Team

Mr. Mukesh Narang (Director)

Spearheading the company's operations, Mr. Mukesh Narang brings decades of experience and a keen understanding of market demands. His strategic vision guides the company's growth and expansion initiatives.

Mr. Rishabh Narang (Director)

With a focus on innovation and technology, Mr. Rishabh Narang leads the company's efforts in staying ahead of technological changes. His forward-thinking approach drives continuous improvement and adaptation to emerging trends.

Mr. Raman Narang (Director)

Responsible for Sales and Marketing as well as quality control, Mr. Raman Narang ensures that every product meets the highest standards of excellence. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality assurance are instrumental in maintaining the company's reputation for top-notch products.

Our Vision

At Mukesh Furnishing, we aim to improve lives worldwide by offering affordable, top-notch furnishings. Our vision is to be a global leader in ethical and sustainable home solutions. We believe everyone deserves quality living, and we’re committed to making beautiful, eco-friendly furnishings accessible to all, enriching homes globally.

Our Mission

We aim to make our customers happy by always giving them the best. We use top-notch resources and excellent manufacturing to ensure perfection. Our commitment extends to improving our products and taking care of our employees. Our mission is to be the best in making high-quality fabrics and clothes, using top technology to offer great products at the best prices, building lasting relationships with our clients.

Our Core Values

Delivering Values
We are committed to providing unparalleled services to our customers by employing top-notch raw materials and resources in the production of our goods. Our streamlined delivery process guarantees that our products reach customers within the specified timeframe.

Ethical Approach
We adhere to globally recognized business ethics that set us apart from our competitors.Our relationships with clients, stakeholders, and employees are built on the foundations of honesty, human dignity, and integrity.